A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a shaman, throw vile concoctions to transform your enemies into tomatoes and stomp them!

Made for Ludum Dare #35

Have a listen to the original soundtrack over on SoundCloud!


2-4 players

Choose Playermode (Keyboard):

2 = 2 players
3 = 3 players
4 = 4 players

Keyboard (max 2 players):

WASD + Left-Ctrl,
Arrow Keys + Right-Ctrl

XBOX 360-Gamepad:

Left Stick = Movement
A = Jump
X = Throw

Made by Team Tomato:

Alexander Karlsson - Programming

Sofie Irenheim - 2D artist

Frida Johansson - 2D artist

Max Burman - Animation

Aksel Jensen - Design

Pablo Sorribes Bernhard - Music & Sound Design


Potion Clash_v0.3.zip 116 MB

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