A downloadable game for Windows

Grab and throw boxes onto weight triggers to solve the puzzles ahead.

Move: WASD 
Jump: Space
Grab: Left Mouse Button
Throw: Right Mouse Button

This game was made as an assignment for learning about working with C++ in Unreal Engine 4. The assignment was part of a course during the "Game Programming"-programme at YRGO, the Vocational University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I learned a great deal and would never recommend  anyone to do a game entirely in C++ for Unreal Engine, cause goddamn is that part buggy. For game functionality, keep to Blueprints. It's much safer, faster to work with, and generally better. The C++ classes can and should only be used when doing complicated mathematical checks, since doing that in Blueprints quickly makes it become spaghetti-code for real.

Check out the  GitHub Repo for the source code. Feel free to fork it too if you like.


BoxGrabber.zip 171 MB

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