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Life often has a way of taking people by surprise, it's cruel yet fair. Dive into the life of Thomas, a regular bank clerk, as his life gets overturned by his biggest mistake. He loses all his daughter's college money on a stock market crash and does everything to get them back without anyone knowing. He becomes a thief, sneaking into the bank he works at, and at the same time he has to keep up his act as an innocent, loving father. Experience the challenging tasks of Thomas' life, and as time goes by it isn't easy, especially not when the truth has spoken. Will Thomas manage to get away? His fate lies in your hands.

Breaking Banks is a story driven puzzle game developed by Meta Games Studio. In the game the player takes control of Thomas, a bank clerk turned night time criminal. Through cutscenes at day and gameplay at night, the player will experience the unraveling of Thomas' life, and navigate him through his struggles to steal the money he needs to save his family.

Do you have what it takes to save Thomas?

Play and find out...

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Install instructions

Download size: 191 MB
Unzipped size: 369 MB

  1. Download the "Breaking Banks - Meta Games Studio.rar" file and save it into your preferred location.
  2. Unzip it with an archiver such as WinRar or 7zip.
  3. Read the "READ ME.pdf" and look into the "Showcase & Info"-folder if you like.
  4. Start the game by doubleclicking "BreakingBanks.exe"


Breaking Banks - Meta Games Studio.rar 191 MB