A downloadable game for Windows

Blow your friends away with your turbine-powered wind-cannon!

Get points by standing in the light-circles!

First to 4 points wins!


2-4 players

Use Mouse to click in Start Menu.

Join game: A

Load up: Hold R/L-trigger

Shoot: Release R/L-trigger

Jump: A or R/L-bumper

You get stunned by the lightning balls.

Also, the in-game title is randomized because, well....gamejams.

Made by:

Anton Hesselbom (programming)
Axel Johnsson (art)
Albin Larson (design)
Pablo Sorribes Bernhard (sound & music)

This game was made during a 5-day gamejam in Skövde, Sweden.

Install instructions

  1. Unzip in your preferred location
  2. Double Click on the folder "BlowBots_Alpha_0.1"
  3. Double Click on "BlowBots.exe"


BlowBots_Alpha_0.2.zip 198 MB